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Technology on the Farm
Choose an AREA of AGRICULTURE you are interested in (note it down here): Aquaculture
Research the different types of technology that are used in this industry, make a list of things that are used: Recirculation system, heaters, siphons, filters,

CHOOSE 2 of these:
You will need to develop a POWERPOINT to help others learn about the different types of technologies that are used in your chosen area of agriculture. THE POWERPOINT SHOULD CONTAIN:
1. Name of the technology/1
2. Description of what the technology does (IN YOUR OWN WORDS) a. how does it work/aim
b. what are the benefits (what did this technology replace)
c. what are some of its limitations/disadvantages
d. How much does it cost/how much money does it save the farmer?/8 3. Include pictures, diagrams and or a video of the technology /2 4. Any references you have used – acknowledge the people that have designed this technology and where you got this information in/2 5. SPELLING, GRAMMAR, PRESENTATION(HOW WELL DOES THE POWERPOINT READ)/2 TOTAL for each TECHNOLOGY/15

TOTAL for both/30
LANDLINE CLIPS ON CLICKVIEW/LANDLINE WEBSITE GOOGLE your technology you are interested in.

Recirculation system:
A recirculation system if used to keep the flow of bacteria through the water. The bacteria kept in a separate tank turn the ammonia into nitrite and then into nitrate which goes back into the water. A good recirculation system will eliminate the process of having to add chemicals to the water to keep the fish healthy. The only limitation to this is the amount of fish there are...
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