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  • Published : September 18, 2008
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SAS Institute’s Success: A Result of Managing Organizational Behavior SAS Institute of Cary, North Carolina is an organization that fosters innovation, employee loyalty, and customer satisfaction. Over the past three decades, SAS Institute became the largest private software developer and enjoys a history of continued growth in every year of its existence. The success of SAS Institute is a result of its primary resource—its creative capital—which is entrenched in the company through its culture, Human Resource practices, communication, and employee motivation. SAS Institute is a privately held company that was founded in 1976. The company was founded by Dr. James Goodnight and John Sall, two academics from North Carolina State University. They had created a statistical software package that they used and shared with the faculty at the university. In addition, their software package became popular at other universities across the South. Eventually the popularity for the......

Case Study, SAS Institute Inc.
The management culture is a very important factor in the imprinting of a company: it shapes the relationship between working environment and employee satisfaction. I will answer a few questions regarding the SAS's particular strategy of running the business in which the employees are unbelievably loyal, thanks to the benefits and cares that they receive from the employer. 1. One critic calls SAS "a big brother approach to managing people." Is the company too paternalistic? Can a company be too paternalistic? I do believe that SAS's approach to managing people is the result of an accurate analysis performed by the management staff. Therefore, when the management discusses improving employee retention rates, the initial topic is often higher salaries and bonuses. That is partly valid, because money is a key element; as SAS can attest, retention efforts can be very effective if they focus on more ways to spend the money than just increasing salary levels....
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