Sarty Snopes - Barn Burning

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  • Published : December 11, 2005
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Moral Conviction of the Heart
Sartoris Snopes
The young Sartoris Snopes, otherwise known as Sarty, is introduced to us in William Faulkner's "Barn Burning" as a young boy who is faced with a few issues in his life. He comes from blood that is very poverty-ridden and lives with a father who is an abusive criminal. The family is forced to move from county to county due to his father's obsession with burning barns belonging to employers that angered him. Sarty knew this was wrong and was faced with betraying his father and his blood. In his young life, he was taught the wrong way to live in a society, yet he still has second thoughts about what his father did, simply because he was is father. The fear of retribution, being at such a young age and witnessing crimes, and his father dealing with families of higher social class, leaves Sarty very confused about his father's actions, which has Sarty reacting differently to each incident throughout the story. An example of identity crisis is Sarty having fear of retribution by his father. This takes place at the trial, which his father, Abner, is accused of burning the Harris barn. Sarty is faced with the possibility that he may have to testify to his father's whereabouts during the fire, creating a dilemma. Should he abide by his fathers demands of sticking to his own blood or should he do what he feels is morally correct and tell the truth? If Sarty does not tell the truth, then he will live with his poverty-stricken, white-trash family and witness the crimes committed by his father which will continue to build the hatred he already has towards him. If he does tell the truth, then he will be severely beaten by his father and disowned by the family, which will leave him homeless and more poverty-stricken than being with his family. The only benefit of Sarty telling the truth is his own sense of moral relief, knowing he did what was right.. However, Sarty is dismissed before he has the chance to act and...
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