Sartre- Existence Comes Before Essence

Topics: Human, Existentialism, Philosophy of life Pages: 3 (998 words) Published: October 15, 2011
In the statement by Sartre “Existence comes before essence”, the meaning is quiet clear and self explanatory. We exist first and then we are defined. Although, truly understanding this theory and believing in it, takes a person to look deeper and into many different areas of life, to have a clear and knowledgeable view-to enable you to create your own decision. I had to go to many lengths to fully understand and agree with Sartre’s doctrine. This theory represents Atheistic existentialism. “There is no human nature because there is no God to have a conception of it. Man is nothing else but what he makes of himself”, Sartre p.28. God must be abandoned; we are what we make of ourselves through freedom of choice. Very importantly, by having freedom of choice, we must take responsibility and own our own choices. Freedom, choices, values, morality and truth are all part of our essence and in taking an in depth look at the true meaning, the essence must be understood. This will all be discussed to gain what Sartre and I believe.

Essence meaning; the characteristic, which determines its identity. Sartre shows us how the essence of an individual takes on a role in defining his theory. In understanding the first principal-that there is no God, he moves on to Subjectivism. It is evident that man bases judgement on his own personal feelings and opinions rather than external facts. I choose for myself, taking into consideration I will always choose for the better, and therefore I also choose for humankind. The reason being that I choose for all, is because I believe that my choice is valid for all. My choice is my will for everyone and from deciding the choice to doing the actual action is my commitment to all the human society. In influencing myself into a particular way-I influence into the human world.

Sartre says we must trust in our instincts, as values and morality is uncertain to define. Our value is our feeling. To listen to that feeling and that will give you...
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