Sarahs Key Comparrison

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The Development of Parents on Children

In my two novels, Sarah’s Key, and Night, parent relationships have the most influence on a child than any other individual. That reflects the way they behave and who they grow up to be. The contrast between parents and children is that the parent has already experienced most parts in a child hood, and with a child like, Sarah or Trixie from the novels, they are still growing, and taking in everything their parents do, it changes them, and shows the impact parents have on the development of the characters.

Josie Cormier the daughter of Alex Cormier was born without her father, he had abandoned her when he found out Lacy was pregnant, because he claimed to have a family of his own to protect. Having no father figure appearance in her life. The absentee of fathers in a daughter’s life can lead to a response of seeking male figurative attention, and needing to replace what should be the father’s attention, with a mimic of what they wish to be. With the lack of parents, that drive for male attention drove to intimacy; it had begun to fulfill that loss space. Josie became reliant on Matt, her boyfriend, and that vulnerability took advantage of her. She knows how Matt thinks, and even though she is aware, she follows him around. When he offered to drive her home, and was in the car with him, on their way home, she went in for comfort and support from Matt, he took that as an opportunity to sexually pursue her, not what Josie was yearning for. In the story, Josie admits to her mother, “I wasn’t brave enough to defend myself, I didn’t want to be treated like them” (Josie, 387). Demonstrates, she did not have the confidence in herself, which would signify to her emotional emptiness, where her father is supposed to fill that emotion.

Trixie Stone is the daughter of Daniel Stone. Unlike the novel nineteen minutes, Trixie’s father lives with her. He is always present, but Daniel and Trixie do not see eye to eye. Her...
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