Sarah Hale and the Ladies Magazine

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April 18, 2012
Sarah Hale and the Ladies Magazine
In the late 1820s many women’s magazines were published but men were the ones who produced my men. This was because the legal status of women was over powered my men which was called coverture. This magazine was edited for by women, which has never been done according to Sarah Hale. In this magazine she defined to perimeters called “woman sphere”. It was basically teach women to get more familiar with their duties and privileges. Hale wanted these duties and privileges to present another aspect on life. For example, she would promote her doctrine of “influence” to make women want to desire to be more powerful than others. The magazine stated that women’s obligations or roles were private, domestic and interpersonal. Sarah Hale felt women should always look beautiful and always be an eye catcher. Sarah made sure that men knew that they had nothing to fear or worried that women would try to overpower them. Hale considered that an educated women is will help build their children was an appropriate behavior for women. This magazine help educate women. She felt that women should become teachers because unlike men are more involved with their children.

After nine years the magazine was not as popular because there were so many other magazines just like it out at the time. Hale decided to “consolidate” with the Philadelphia competitor, Godey’s Lady’s Book. Her magazine started to change. Unlike Hale’s magazine, Louis Godney stole material from other magazines so it lacked originality. He had a different outlook on things for example his sphere was business, and his genius, publicity. This was the opposite of what Hale originally had in her magazine it was more geared to men instead to women.

I do think in today’s society Sarah Hale’s point of view still exists. Women are more empowered and educated. Things definitely changed more women attend college but men still...
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