Sara Teasdale

Topics: Poetry, St. Louis Walk of Fame, Marriage Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: May 16, 2011
Courtney Rushing
March 22, 2011
Concert Choir – 1st Hour

Sara Teasdale
“There Will Be Rest”

Sara Teasdale is an American lyrical poet born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1884. Throughout her childhood and adulthood, she suffered from many illnesses. This caused her to be homeschooled until she was well enough to be put in school, which finally came at the age of nine. Teasdale finished school in 1903 after going to three different schools and battling many more illnesses along the way. She was an accomplished writer of poetry shortly after finishing school and she has had many poems published to multiple different sources. Her poems have also been used as lyrics for many choral pieces and she has won awards for her collection of poems entitled “Love Songs”. At Sara’s funeral, her mother spoke of how Sara always loved reading poetry and looking at anything beautiful, so she was amazing at taking those beautiful things she saw and turning them into poetry.

At the age of 30, Teasdale married Ernst Filsinger, whom was a rich business man. She was courted by many men before him but she chose to marry him because of his financial stability and maturity. He seemed like the right choice at the time to her. They moved to New York on account of Filsinger’s job in 1916. The marriage made her extremely unhappy because Filsinger was away on business a lot, leaving Teasdale alone in New York, where she had no friends and didn’t know anyone. This led to their divorce in 1929.

1918 was a year of huge success for Sara Teasdale. She won three awards for her collection of poetry entitled “Love Songs”. She won the Columbia University Poetry Society prize, the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, and the annual prize of the Poetry Society of America. The poems in this collection were full of passionate and romantic subject matter. Their simplicity and clarity made them easily understood and utterly beautiful. The choral piece, “Stars I Shall Find” by David Dickau, is...
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