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Topics: Business school, Computer, Business Pages: 3 (1062 words) Published: July 18, 2012
The Laptop Ate My Attention Span
Emily Olusanya
Dr. Ayafor
EN 102


In this text the author discusses the reoccurring issues found in many Business schools, which is the constant use of laptops during class times. During lectures student will “day trade” causing a constant distraction to other students who are trying to pay attention and the teacher trying to teach, in one case a student the author quotes a student from The University of Virginia Darden’s Graduate School of Business Administration, who recalled an incident where a student opened and email with a thriving message reading “Oh my God, I’m watching porn!” That unpleasant incident helped confirm the theory that they are serious issue with computer using on the campuses of Business Schools. The computer usage during class got so out of control Darden officials had to go to the extreme and put a switch in the classroom to turn off the Internet connection, but the students would turn the switch on before class. The author, Abby Ellin finds it ironic that the same people earning higher degrees of education have no common sense when it comes to the use of manners with a laptop. Ellin believes that proper laptop use should be common knowledge, certain things people just shouldn’t do. In an example, Ellin says not to walk out of a lecture even if your going to fall asleep, she also states that the average age of a business school student it 28, meaning the people lacking manners in the computer usage department are not kids, in fact, they’re adults. In all, the author believes that students should be able to control themselves because they’re old enough to know how to act around computers since they’ve grown up around them. Analysis:

The article opens with a question about issues with computers on Business school campuses, which leads the discussion as to why computers should or shouldn’t be allowed in class, which makes the claim in the last paragraph that it is up to the student to...
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