Sap Sd Useful Note

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SAP SD Useful Note
1. The sales areas include: sales organization, distribution channel, division. 2. A delivery is always carried out by one shipping point only. The shipping point is assigned to a plant. The loading points are assigned to shipping points. 3. A consumer is a natural, private business partner with whom you have a relationship involving the transfer of goods and services. You create Customer Master Records for business partners who are consumers. 4. About customer hierarchies, we can exclude the possibility of defining ship-to parties as higher-lever nodes, since ship-to parties play no role in pricing. 5. Services are represented and managed in the SAP system as materials. Services are immaterial goods that differ from other goods. 6. Item proposal is very useful when some customers always order the same products or services. 7. In the SD module of standard R/3 system, the system selects the most specific record-the customer-specific price. If no customer-specific price exists, the system looks for a valid price list type. If no valid price list type exists, the system takes the basic material price. This search strategy can change in customizing access sequences. 8. For a third-party business transaction, the costs are determined from the purchase order. 9. The aim of the pallet discount is to go give a discount only for whole unit, e.g. whole pallet. 10, Condition technology of condition records include:

KONH: Condition header
KONP: condition items possibly with supplementary conditions KONM/KONW: Quantity scale or value scale.
11. Free goods can only be supported on a 1:1 ratio. This means that an order item can lead to free goods item. 12. In some festival seasons, we would create a material determination record for a specific material, which would substitute common material. 13. Material listing and exclusion lets us control which materials a specific customer may or may not buy. For example, if we create a material listing for a...
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