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Consulting: Scheduling of process order
Version: 10 Validity:
Valid Since 31.10.2003

The result of scheduling a process order is unclear. The system does not correctly display the capacity requirements calculated by scheduling.

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COR1, COR2, process order, scheduling, check list, collective order capacity requirements, basic date, operation date, splitting, overlapping, shift, night shift

Cause and Prerequisites Solution
Check your settings according to the questions listed below:

Check list
* Note the following general rules
Process orders are generally scheduled both forwards and backwards. The scheduling type defines which scheduling direction is taken into account first. The dates of the earliest dates result from forward scheduling. The dates of the latest dates result from backward scheduling.

If a collective order scheduling is executed, check the following points. Otherwise, continue with the next question. 1. Check which order in the collective order is scheduled. If a collective order scheduling is executed for an order belonging to the collective order, the system schedules only the subnetwork defined by this order. Higher-level orders are not scheduled. Here, the basic dates of lower-level orders are determined by the requirements dates of the directly manufactured component. 2. Check the framework dates and the scheduling type. During collective order scheduling, scheduling is carried out from the framework dates in the collective order while during an order scheduling the basic dates of the order are used. The system takes framework dates of lower-level orders into account (see Note 97344) provided the 'Adjust basic dates' indicator is not set to active. If thealternative 'Adjust basic dates' is chosen, the basic dates of lower-level orders are adjusted if necessary. 3. Check whether a relationship has been maintained in the directly manufactured component. Page 1 of 11


SAP Note 151503 -

Consulting: Scheduling of process order

If a relationship is maintained in the detail screen of the component (here the specification of a unit of the duration is the decisive factor), the system copies the requirements date of the component to the order finish date of the lower-level order. If no relationship is maintained, the finish date of the last operation of the lower-level order is set to the requirements date. In this case, the order finish date of the lower-level order can be diffentiated from the requirements date of the component provided a float after production has been maintained in the lower-level order. 4. Check to which operation/which phase the directly-manufactured component is assigned? Note that for a transfer of the dates of the lower-level order into higher-level order in a forwards scheduling, the directly-manufactured component must be assigned to a phase, since only phases get a lead time scheduling and as a result, only phases enable dates to be transferred. Operations get their dates from the phase dates, as described in point 2.

Which results cannot be explained?
1. 2. 3. 4. Basic dates Operation dates Phase dates Capacity requirements

1. Basic dates

Check whether scheduling should be executed with the specification of time. For this, check the scheduling type in Customizing.

* Do the basic dates change?
Check whether the alternative 'Adjust basic dates' has been chosen for the scheduling parameters. Check whether the basic dates are set correctly on account of the operation dates.

* Is it possible to explain the basic dates on account of the production dates? 1. Yes: The problem is caused by the operation dates. Proceed with the questions stored under "2. Operation dates". 2. No: Continue.

* Has a "today" scheduling been executed?
Check the scheduling log for this. Note that the scheduling type set is automatically overridden with a "today" scheduling as soon as...
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