Sap Business Connector Adapter

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  • Published : January 17, 2012
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[pic] SAP Business Connector Adapter [pic]

The SAP Business Connector adapter (BC adapter) supports the B2B protocol of the SAP Business Connector, which is based on HTTP. The BC adapter enables you to replace a business connector with SAP Exchange Infrastructure or the PCK in scenarios where several SAP Business Connectors are used. This ensures guaranteed message delivery by SAP XI.

Implementation Considerations
To connect to SAP Exchange Infrastructure and the PCK, you need SAP Business Connector 4.7. [pic]
For FAQs about the SAP Business Connector Adapter, see SAP Note 774854.  

You must configure the Adapter Engine/PCK in the SAP Business Connector to be connected. See also: Configuring in the SAP Business Connector

●      To send messages from an SAP Business Connector to the Integration Server/PCK, you configure the sender SAP Business Connector adapter. ●      To enable a connected SAP Business Connector to receive messages from the Integration Server/PCK, you configure the receiver SAP Business Connector adapter. The receiver adapter supports system acknowledgments but not application acknowledgments. ●      For more information about configuring your own modules for the adapter, see SAP Business Connector Adapter Modules.

●      You can only send RFC-XML documents and IDoc-XML documents with the SAP Business Connector adapter. ○       Between the SAP Business Connector adapter and the SAP Business Connector, documents of type RFC-XML with envelope are supported. This kind of document is supported directly by the SAP Business Connector standard pipeline service for RFC. ○       Between the adapter and the Integration Server/PCK, documents of type RFC-XML (without envelope) are supported, as generated by the RFC adapter or SAP JCo. ●      Calls are stateless and sessions are not supported. There is no transactional context for more than one call. ●      The adapter cannot process or forward attachments. Attachments are ignored. ●      Multipart/MIME is not supported.

●      The receiver adapter supports quality of services BE and EO, when an RFC-XML document exists as payload of the XI message. Messages with quality of service BE are mapped to a synchronous RFC call (sRFC); messages with quality of service EO are mapped to a transactional RFC call (tRFC). If an IDoc-XML document exists as the payload of the XI message, the receiver adapter only supports quality of service EO. The sender adapter behaves in the same way as the receiver adapter in terms of quality of service. ●      Quality of service EOIO is not supported.

●      If an IDoc-XML document is sent to the receiver adapter, the XI message header is not evaluated for partner conversion. The XI message payload is sent directly to the receiving SAP Business Connector. The message must therefore contain the correct IDoc-XML document, including the IDoc control record. ●      The sender adapter determines the uniqueness of an IDoc-XML document by means of the transaction ID (TID) used. This is transferred by the SAP Business Connector in the HTTP header. The DOCNUM field from the IDoc control record is ignored. There is therefore no connection between the XI message and the DOCNUM field in the IDoc control record.  


[pic] SAP Business Connector Adapter [pic]
The SAP Business Connector adapter translates between XI messages and HTTP calls of an SAP Business Connector that contain RFC calls in an XML format. The HTTP connections between the Adapter Engine and an SAP Business Connector should be secured by SSL. On the inbound side, basic authentication and client certificates are possible.

The following table summarizes the security-relevant aspects of the SAP Business Connector adapter:

|Aspect |SAP Business Connector Adapter...
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