Santo Domingo vs Santiago

Topics: Santiago de los Caballeros, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: July 13, 2012
Santo Domingo vs. Santiago
The Dominican Republic has two cities: Santo Domingo and Santiago de los Caballeros. Santo Domingo is considered the first capital and Santiago the second one. Santiago is called the Heart City, because it is located at the heart of the Dominican Republic. Although considered capital cities of the Dominican Republic, these have few differences. These differences are from the point of view of each citizen. The most common are its forms of transportation, its forms of people speak and its economy. The forms of transportation in the Dominican Republic are very complicated. Both cities have public cars, taxis and buses. In Santo Domingo, because of its elevated population, the traffic is very difficult due to the formation of vehicles rows. On the other hand, in Santiago the traffic is easier because in this city aren’t a lot of vehicles in the streets. The traffic is a difficult situation for the citizens that want to go somewhere. Spanish is spoken in every corner of the Dominican Republic. Santo Domingo and Santiago aren’t the exception, both cities speak Spanish. But, as any language has some variations. The citizens from Santo Domingo speak this language in a way similar to Castilian Spain. On the other hand, the citizen from Santiago speak an informal Spanish and use a lot of idioms of its culture as well as the terms ‘’Caballá’’ and ‘’Ei pipo’’. These cities have a very diverse economy. In both cities the citizens works every day, but in different ways. The people from Santiago do more work related to agriculture than the people from Santo Domingo and the most common products from of this economy are tobacco, rice, coffee, and cacao. In contrast the jobs in Santo Domingo are in offices and generally do not have anything to do with agriculture. Morrobel (2011) in his article ''Santo Domingo and Santiago are the cities with more urban expansion'' said that 42 of 100 businesses start their business in these two cities. In conclusion,...
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