Santa Maria Bed and Breakfast Business Plan

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Apartado 1623-Zona Veraguas
Panama, 1 Republica Panama


January 14, 2013

Description of My Business
The Santa Maria Bed & Breakfast will be a charming bed and breakfast (B & B) located overlooking Veraguas/Santiago in Panama on our beautiful Mountains.  The area is well known for its beauty and history.  The B & B will be set up as a LLC of Carcamo de Panama and will reside in the Panama home.  Their home is the centerpiece for the entire B & B experience.  There will be up to seven guest rooms to choose from.  The facility has a wonderful centralized living room where the guests may socialize, a private garden patio, and the Buccaneer Culinary Centre on the property. There will be transportation provided from the airport and back for those arriving from out of town or country. Tours buses will be available for sightseeing tours around the area and many other outdoors activities.

Description of My Business Product

The facility is so wonderful in part because of the actual structure - which is a magical place to behold and stay at.  The tiffany lamps inside, the original gas, solid-silver fixture lamps and antiques are all amazing - as are the historic stories of Executive Chef Tinajas foods, dishes and cooking from fine Panamanian typical recipes served in elegant china. Aside of the beauty surrounded, it is the coziest place in the area and the delicious food, just makes you feel at home. The main idea is for the travelers/guests to feel in heaven when they stay with us. The comfort and hospitality that will be provided will make them feel so special as tough they are in a Castle. The best dishes they will ever taste, from our very own tropical famous dishes to European dishes from our famous Chefs. Each room will have their very own special view of beauty all around from the inside to the outside. Our landscaping will bring out the beauty of nature from the tropical that Panama has to give. It will be a must see, to encourage our visitor to walk in the romantic evening and dining out in the spectacular patio view to watch the waterfall that catches the sunset in the evenings. It will be an evening to never forget and want to come back for more.

Description of My Business Market

Within the hospitality industry, the The Santa Maria Bed & Breakfast will be competing with hotels as there are no other B & Bs in the general area.  The Santa Maria Bed & Breakfast facilities are far nicer than other hotels in the area.  All of the hotels in the area are fairly standard chain hotels, nothing noteworthy.  The Santa Maria Bed & Breakfast - on the other hand, is a beautiful, elegant home - on a quiet street, in a small town, near a beautiful mountain surrounded by a river.  The Santa Maria Bed & Breakfast has different target groups that it is going to successfully attract.  The first are people from the region that just want to get away for the weekend.  They may have activities planned for the weekend at the parks, local towns or just choose to relax in a comfortable elegant setting.  The second groups are travelers who are vacationing through the area prefer to stay in B & Bs - instead of a hotel/motel, or on board nearby sightings.  Others will just want to have the experience of service presented by an Executive Chef.  While we will certainly get customers that fall outside of these groups, this classification should be fairly accurate. The climate is tropical year round so we should be busy throughout the year.

Ownership and Management

The Santa Maria B & B will be able to execute on its strong business model because of its management.  Hernandez has earned her MBA providing the establishment with invaluable business skills.  Hernandez also has unique experiences and talents that no other innkeeper has.  As Hernandez's extended resumes for Chef, Marketing VP and B & B...
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