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I remember my brother telling me that Santa wasn’t real at around 9:00 and that all our Christmas presents were bought by mom and dad then hidden around the house until early Christmas morning when they placed them under the tree. My siblings told me this secret with wanting to make me cry. Although, I was shocked thinking, wow everybody tricked me, I quickly realized it wasn’t another cruel joke my siblings were playing on me. Santa Claus was someone almost everybody pretended to believe in and the fact that Santa Claus was make-believe started to make everything else about Christmas make more sense. The more I thought about this the happier I became. Christmas was truly more magical than I had ever imagined it being before. It was a time when even my father would pretend with us. I started imagining my mom and dad hiding presents for us around the house and waking up super early in the morning to put our presents under the. Thankful for having such hardworking loving parents and thankful my brother had waited so long to tell me his secret. I was old enough to understand why everybody pretended Santa was real. So even though I knew Santa wasn't real it felt good to pretend and to have my parents pretend right along with me. The ideal that presents were hidden around the house was madness.That Christmas I tried to stay up to hear my parents playing Santa. Early that morning half awake, I heard my parents digging out the presents from their hiding places and putting them under the tree. I listened until they went back in their room and feel asleep. Then I crept out of my room and tip toe down the hallway. In the darkness I could see the colorful reflection of all the Christmas lights shining from the tree splattered on the hallway walls. As I got closer I could feel the heat from the heater that sat near the top of the hallway, this is when I would close my eyes. Taking a few steps more I turned into our living room I could smell the pine from the tree in the air...
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