Sanskrit Words and Phrases and Honesty

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  • Published : December 24, 2012
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I will start with a true story. Once King of Spain went to visit prison. He spoke with each and every prisoners. One prisoner said , “ I am innocent but the judge was biased. “ the other told “ Witnesses lied “ Every prisoner claimed that they were innocent. Only one prisoner told king ” I was in need of money. I was caught while stealing the ornaments. I am in jail for the crime I committed.”

The king exclaimed “ You are the only bad person in the company of all these honest persons. If you stay with them , they may turn bad. Hence you are released from jail.“

Truthfulness and honesty are always liked and rewarded by all persons , at all places and at all times.

We all know the stories of King Harischandra, Gandhijee and Yudhishthir or DharmRaj. These people had to suffer a lot initially due to their honesty. But believed in “ Honesty is the Best Policy” In the end they got success and are still remembered for their honesty and truthfulness.

Businessmen like Tata , Narayan Murti have chosen the Honest path. The honest path is painful and time consuming. But the success is huge and everlasting. Few others like satyam chose dishonest short cut path. They got quick success but failed in a short time.

However Honesty is truthfulness and Beyond !

A White lie like santa clause that creates pleasure is not a lie at all. Bitter truth with the intention of helping others is a welcome. It should be told in a polite, sweet manner. Patanjali has given eight Yama for yogis in his yogsutra. First yama is ahimsa and Second Yama is Satya : Truth, Honesty. Satya guides us toward truthfulness of thought, truthfulness of speech, and truthfulness in deed. In practicing satya, it is important to always hold in our minds the first yama – Ahimsa, as the truth can sometimes be harmful or hurtful. It means useful speech is not only true, but also gentle and helpful. A doctor had to tell an 85 years old lady about her husband’s cancer. She died two days...
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