Sansad Se Lekar Sadkon Tak.. Jungle Ka Kanoon Yahan.. Jisne Bhi Awaz Uthayi.. Hota Uska Khoon Yahan.. Har Kursi Hai Andhi Bahri.. Har Kursi Hatyari Hai.. Har Kursi Ke Paye Me.. Panjikrit Gaddari Hai.. Lagta Hai Ab to

Topics: India, Political corruption, Corruption Pages: 6 (2228 words) Published: October 3, 2012
Sansad Se Lekar Sadkon Tak.. Jungle Ka Kanoon Yahan..
Jisne Bhi Awaz Uthayi.. Hota Uska Khoon Yahan..
Har Kursi Hai Andhi Bahri.. Har Kursi Hatyari Hai..
Har Kursi Ke Paye Me.. Panjikrit Gaddari Hai..
Lagta Hai Ab to BHARAT me .. Chandi Ka Nartan Hoga..
Parivartan To Hoga.. Lekin Khooni Parivartan Hoga.. - (Unknown Poet)

There is a very famous incident in Indian history which serves as lesson for all rulers for all the times, some rulers take positive cues from it, mend their ways, treat themselves as servants of public and keep public interest above theirs while others who are drunk with power and arrogant in behavior, refuse to learn anything, become another example in long list of individuals whose name pops up when there is a talk about how common masses dislodged the ruling class from the throne.

The incident is about a corrupt ruler’s abuse and insult of a honest, patriotic and intelligent Sanyasi. The Sanyasi takes a vow to uproot the mighty corrupt ruler and after few years gets success in his mission. The Sanyasi had honesty, integrity, patriotism & few good followers as his asset and we still know that period of Indian history as golden period. You might have got the idea till now, the mighty corrupt ruler was Dhananand and the Sanyasi was Shri Vishnugupt, whom we know as Chankya. Chankya’s worthy student Chandragupta, after he conquers Magadh, also frees the motherland from clutches of foreigners.

This incident came to my mind when I saw how, one year ago, the corrupt members of a particular party heaped insult after insult on a patriotic Sanyasi, who was just demanding the return of our ill-gotten money from foreign land and end of corruption in India. The corrupts were sp afraid of saffron cloths of the Sanyasi that they had to arrest him in night at 2 am, that too after talking to him and giving him assurance that they will act on his demands. But the Sanyasi wanted a concrete action from the corrupt thugs and was hoping against the hope that they will issue an ordinance on declaring the black money as national asset and those who have stashed away that money would be declared as criminals and given very hard punishment.

He wanted the corrupt thugs to issue the ordinance as he has seen how they have been fooling the Anna Hazare and his team on JanLokpal bill. It’s for all of you to see how the government hasn’t passed the bill toll today, even after promising the moon. If the corrupts wanted it, they could have done that but this would have given them so much trouble because many times its they and their close ones who have stashed the black money abroad and involved in all corruption scandals. You can’t expect a thief to pass a law for his own punishment. The corrupt ruling class had to act against their loved ones after such law is passed and Indian public too, which has become aware about all the wrong doings and its effect on them, would pressurize them to act. The Supreme Court which is now acting as very much independent agency, as envisioned in constitution of India, would have got the corrupt thugs in more trouble. All these 65 years the corrupt people of political class, specially the party which ruled us the most, have looted this nation systematically. It’s them and their close one who has billions of dollars stashed away in foreign banks. This is making them so nervous that they won’t allow this to happen otherwise their queen bee will be exposed too and public in this information age would be able to see how systematically this Gandhi Nehru clan and its cronies have looted our nation.

That’s why the ruling class started bribing the whole nation through easy money making mass bribing schemes such a farmer loan waiver scheme or the bigger scandal in form of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Guaranty Scheme. These mass bribery schemes have helped the corrupts to win elections but have given a big financial burden on tax payers like me and our economic progress is slowing down because...
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