Sannu Story

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  • Published : January 27, 2013
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A.Leprosy, caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium leprae is a leading cause of peripheral neuropathy worldwide; although it is treatable, the damage caused by the disease is irreversible. In Sannu’s case, why is there both sensory loss and muscle weakness? Answer: because Sannu’s is also malnutrition and he has not received proper treatment for his disease. B.Leprosy can affect the skin and Schwann cells of peripheral nerves. Which events of sensation processing are most likely not functioning properly in Sannu’s leprosy? Answer: The nerve endings that causes sensation to the area C.Were somatic, visceral, or special senses being investigated when Dianna evaluated Sannu’s Achilles and Babinski reflex activities? Answer: Somatic D.Sannu’s has lost sensation of pain, temperature, light touch, and pressure. What types of receptor ending mediate the detection of these sensations? Answer: Nociceptors, thermoreceptors E.Leprosy infects the body via the skin typically in the cooler regions of the body. Based on this information, would you expect Sannu’s interceptors to be affected? Answer: yes F.Sannu describes pain in his leg. What receptors mediate sensations of pain? What type of pain is Sannu’s “burning” pain, fast or slow? Answer: Nociceptors, slow pain G.What type of peripheral receptors would be activated in a normal, intact limb to produce the sensations Sannu is experiencing during his “phantom limb”? Answer: Proprioceptors H.Sannu has experienced two devastating events: loss of myelination of peripheral nerves and below-the-knee amputation of a leg. Sannu has been experiencing sensations in a limb that had no sensations prior the amputation. How might this be possible? Answer: because the brain and spinal cord sends signals like the amputation part is still there. I.Since Sannu has lost his leg, and since sensory input to the somatosensory cortex of the brain will be nonexistent, what might happen to the representation of his amputated leg on the...
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