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Executive Summary
Hygiene Living Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003 as a company specialized in commercial cleaning services with the slogan “We help you save time and money”. Under brand Merry Maid with the marketing purpose following the company goal to expand the business in commercial cleaning services for residential and commercial buildings in order to support the rapid growth of real estate in professional or residential buildings within Bangkok Metropolitan and vicinities.

In the Year 2010, Hygiene Living has launched new service line extensions to building sales to support the cleaning service. It starts with a brand “Hygienitech Thailand by Hygiene Living” Hygienitech is developed in the US, the Hygienitech® Mattress Cleaning and Sanitizing System is the world's leading sanitizing system for almost a decade.

Hygienitech Thailand is part of the chain of international dealerships that successfully span all around the world. Hygienitech mattress cleaning has been widely used in Europe and United States. Today there are more than 4300 Hygienitech Authorised Dealers around the world whose primary business is built upon providing valuable and good-health promoting services to millions of customers on a regular basis.

Proudly, we are Thaïs’s professional service provider of hygiene, dust mite and allergy control using a scientifically proven, dry and chemical-free vacuum system. Our unique system featuring the latest germicidal UV-C light technology is an efficient and effective solution to household pollutant problems.

By our Focusing on Health and well-being- that’s what we’re all about. We are dedicated to improving quality of life of all Thais by raising awareness of the adverse effects of dust mites and other allergens throughout the community. So there are so many products and services line expansion by Hygiene Living as follows * Merry Maid – Professional Cleaning Services

* Hygienitech Thailand – Mattress Cleaning Service
* Virus, germs, bacteria killer services
* V safe products – Hand Foam Sanitizer and All purpose sanitizer; Green Sanitizing products * V Clean products – Cleaning products, environmental safety (Natural products) * Sales agent for Dew Water under Brand “DEWellness”


Merry Maid realizes the importance of every detail so we blend the personal touch of an independent cleaner with the training, accountability, and security of an established cleaning company for a level of service and satisfaction unparalleled to other companies in cleaning services industry. We also emphasize on providing our customers with friendly staffs that are trained in all aspects of cleaning. With our quality services we can help our customers save time and money. Our ultimate goal is to gain trust and highest level of satisfaction from our customers.

Our Mission:

Merry Maid has a mission to become one of the leading companies in professional cleaning services industry. With our ability to combine the highest quality and range of services with the highest ethical business practices we commit to striving for perfection and client satisfaction in every area of our business regardless of the size or scope of the job that we are performing. This is because Merry Maid believes that “Customers satisfaction is the ultimate success”.


With the potential of Merry Maid to become one of the leading professional cleaning services companies in Thailand we commit to building trust with our customers based on our friendly and high standard service. Other than focusing on business aspect we also focus on building stability for our employees, share holders and partners.

Merry Maid Commitments:

* Merry Maid treats the employees with respect and fairness. Merry Maid culture encourages maids to work diligently and honestly in order to develop high quality service and increase overall potential of the company. * Merry Maid conducts...
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