Sandy Storm

Topics: New York City, New Jersey, Tropical cyclone Pages: 4 (1278 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Hurricane Sandy

The day was March 18th 1967 the location was Caraguatatuba Brazil. On this day Brazil suffered it’s worst natural disaster when continuing rains and rising ocean temperatures brought on flooding and mudslides that killed at least 500 people (J.Masters/ Nine months later and two hundred miles away on December 4, 1967 I was born. Though I didn’t experience first hand the effects of that storm my parents did. I had never experienced anything like it until two weeks ago on October 29, 2012 here in New York City. where the ocean once again, attacked the shore with a fury, her name was Hurricane Sandy. She bombardier the city that never sleeps, taking out an electrical plan and flooding 7 out of 14 tunnels on the island. Who knew this great city was so vulnerable. Can this happen again? (J.Masters/

My family and I were fortunate to have only witnessed Sandy on the news and in the papers, for us we somehow were sheltered from the damage. Sure, we felt some of Sandy’s effects when the city that never sleeps went dark and lost mass transportation for a week. How can I even mention myself when at least 109 lives that were taken in the United States as Sandy roiled off the Coast and countless others were left homeless. (Llanos) This storm was forecast so far in advance that many lives were saved, as a matter of fact the day the storm rolled in it didn’t seem that bad. It seemed over hyped at first but as the day grew on the winds picked up and for the first time ever the coastal flooding was so bad that every tunnel in lower Manhattan flooded, 90 percent of Long Island lost power, and in New York City’s parks more than 7,000 tree fell. People were swept out of their homes in one of the hardest hit areas on Staten Island. There’s the mother whom tried to escape putting her children in the car to go to Brooklyn and was overcome buy a serge of water, when she got out of the car the tide pulled her boys away to...
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