Sandwich Blitz

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Sandwich Blitz, Inc. Expansion

1. Dalman and Lei have discussed creating a new position within Sandwich Blitz, Inc. between the CEO and the location managers in hopes that the new employee would help the business grow. I believe that by creating a new position, the CEO (Dalman), would have more time to focus on the expansion. Dalman is currently visiting all of the locations and addressing issues at each shop that the manager has accumulated. If they created a regional or area manager that was assigned to multiple restaurants, then that manager would be able to address all of the issues that Dalman is currently having to spend time dealing with. That new position could also be responsible for training of new employees if they did expand in the future as well, which would free up more of Dalman’s time to focus on the expansion and other opportunities within the company.

2. Though promoting an existing manager would seem like a wise and probably beneficial choice because of their familiarity with Sandwich Blitz, it is not a good idea to promote them to fill this new position. Each restaurant is currently managed by a different managed and each of them probably have their own habits or preferences, some good and bad. If that manager was hired to be the area manager, they would try to impose their own rules on each restaurant that they had in their own, and it could be harmful for the company. It would also be difficult because other managers may become upset and not want to listen to a manger that was once a coworker, especially if they wanted the position or have worked for the company for a longer time period. An alternative is hiring a person from an outside source with regional management experience who can work with each of the restaurants and get to know everyone from a fresh beginning. I think that would be the best fit for that position.

3.Both the CEO and CFO, Dalman And Lei, need to make these decisions together. They are both the owners...
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