Sandra Bullock

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  • Published : January 3, 2013
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1. In text 1 we start hearing about Sandra bullock's successful career and about her husband being an “adulterous jerk”. If you have a successful marriage and you meet a lot of personally disappointment, either on the job or financially you will remain happy.But if you have an unsuccessful marriage and you have a lot of happiness, financially or getting a promotion, you will remain “significantly” unfulfilled. It has been showed through many studies that people get more happiness when they are social with people than making lots of money. Money can't give you happiness. In text 2 he tells us that people need to spend money on experiences than buying material goods. The reason why is because buying luxury goods will never stop. You always want to have the best. This is of course not for everyone. For fashion lovers that can be happiness. There are no connection between true happiness and income. It does not matter how many personal setbacks you endure, if you for an example do not have a successful marriage. If your life only is based on how many career triumph you record, you are always trying to reach another step further on your way to the top, which means that you will remain unfulfilled. They are now trying to reach even better conditions, which means they will never find any kind of satisfaction. People are happier when they spend money on social experiences instead of material objects.People today have a tendency to buy expensive clothing, new expensive cell phones or new cars. The problem is that there is a disadvantage in buying luxury goods, in form of an endless cycle of trying to outdo the neighbors all the time. For an example if the neighbor just bought a new car, you must buy a better one yourself. The alternative from spending money on luxury goods is to spend the money on social experiences with friends or family. In this way, you are less likely to compare yourself with your neighbors or friends, which are going to result in more happiness...
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