Sandlot: Legends Never Die

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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Legends Never Die

The Sandlot is a movie I could appreciate as a kid and continue to appreciate as an adult. Every time I watch this film, I find myself nodding with approval. It's a simple yet entertaining portrait about life as a young boy and the various adventures that create nothing but fond memories. The Sandlot is an unforgettable film, filled with friendship and adventure. Set in the 1960’s, The Sandlot tells the story of Scotty Smalls, the new kid on the block. At the beginning, Scotty has a hard time making friends, but at the request of his mother who wants him “…to make some friends this summer,” he follows a group of baseball boys to the local sandlot. Having the baseball skills of a toddler, Scotty is first reluctant to playing with the boys. Although before he knows it he finds himself standing in left-center field looking towards the sky at the ball that is plunging down at him and hits him in the eye. The boys begin laughing at him and cracking jokes. Thankfully for Scotty, Benny, the leader and best player of the boys, is understanding and teaches Scotty the basics of baseball. This event was only the beginning, for young Scotty Smalls. The story is retold from the perspective of the grown up Scotty Smalls, played by director David Evans, who recalls the wonderful tales of that first summer. Evans does a great job in portraying the wild memories of Scotty. Events such as Squints purposely drowning and kissing the dreamy lifeguard Wendy Peffercon; an epic game of baseball played against their rivals that was filled with comical trash talking; and a carnival where chewing tobacco and dizzying ride results in many of the boys puking. Evens tell these tales in an exaggerated a way that allows the viewer to escape back to his or her own childhood innocence. But, the highlight of the film comes when the boys find themselves out of baseballs and Scotty, wanting to save the day, borrows his dad’s autographed Babe Ruth ball. The ball goes sailing...
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