Sand County Almanac Part 1

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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SCA Part I
Aldo Leopold’s ethics are not only displayed through the book only in past tense, but also apply in a similar way to our ethics today. An author such as Aldo Leopold doesn’t just try to explain what he sees in nature and his surroundings but also tries to send a message to influence the readers. In A Sand County Almanac, Leopold tries to explain and help readers better understand through examples and his own experiences, the importance of our ethics and conservation.

The ethics of Leopold and the ethics we use today are similar. When tending to land, people pick up certain tips and tricks to help them progress faster such as burning, planting, or reducing species that may affect the habitat. People that have read Leopold’s book have better understanding on how to be more ethical with their land and what to do to help their habitat. Leopold basically helps me understand that it is not too late to fix a damaged piece of land, and that with enough study, work, and time the land can be restored as well as the species that lived there.

In my interpretation, it is very important to have a good land ethic because humans can make a huge impact when it comes to changing the land. In a personal experience of mine, as a young kid my dad always used to take me fishing in a channel full of fish and wildlife. Now days, my channel has been diminished of all the plants and trees which led to vanishing wildlife and quite possibly affected the fishing as well. I just can’t catch nearly the amount I used to. It is important for us humans to respect the land because if we destroy it, we also destroy the habitat for all the organisms living there.

As Aldo Leopold makes clear, Conservation also plays another big factor. My interpretation of conservation would be that we need to protect species and stop them from being over harvested, which could cause endangerment and then eventually extinction. As a big fisherman my example would be that if everyone harvested more...
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