Sanaa: the Capital of Yemen

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Sanaa is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. it is the capital of the Republic of Yemen. The history of Sanaa started when founded by Shem, son of Noah. the story tells of how Shem reached Yemen after a long way from the north and found Sanaa a suitable place to settle in. Shem originally chose the western part of Sanaa but according to a popular legend, it says that the moment he began building the foundations of the city, a bird flied to himand picked up his sounding lead to the eastern part of Sanaa and dropped the lead. Shem believed that this bird was sent from god to lead him to a better place for settlement.

Sanaa is located in the middle of the Yemeni heigh. It is about 2150 high from the sea lever. it is on the west foot of Nukum Mountain. The climate in Sanaa is usually moderate in summer. and cold in winter. However, it has rainy summers, and dry winters.

Sanaa is known for its sand and dust storms which results in problems and crop damages. It is also known for its limited natural fresh water which leaves the country in an in sufficient supplies of potable water.

Sanaa has a population of 1.7 million people. Jews are the oldest non Muslim minority that has emigrated to Sanaa, however, the dominant religion is Islam. Majority of the population are Muslims. Other religions in Sanaa is Christianity (Christians) and Hinduism (Hindus). Religion in Sanaa, Yemen reflects the culture and society of Yemen.

Sanaa is famous for having many man-made trades including jewelry, silver, kinds of Jambia, copper containers and agricultural tools that can be founded in the Sanaa Market.
The Sanaa Market is located in the old city of Sanaa which I'm going to talk about later on in the paper. The market contains a set of small shops open in the ground floor which overlooks narrow streets. Each shop is only few square meters. Today, the Sanaa Market is still as popular as before. Each trade or goods has a special sub-market for it that the number of the sub markets are 24. All these sub markets are joined now in one name, which is Souq Almelh or Melh Market.

As the capital city of Yemen, 40% of jobs in Sana'a are in the public sector. Other primary sources of formal employment in the city are trade and industry.
Each county or a city is famous in its own way of diet and food. Yemenis eat three times a day at home. Generally, there is an early breakfast of sweet tea with bread made of sorghum, wheat, or barley. Dinner includes a porridge prepared from fenugreek with meat, eggs, vegetables, herbs, and spices, which is served hot in a stone or clay bowl, a light supper consists of vegetables or dates. Lentils and peas are traditional staples in addition to sorghum.

At special occasions and celebrations, guests are served a roasted or boiled meat from goat or sheep with rice. In town and villages it is served with side dished of roasted or fried eggplants and mixed green salads. As for desserts, they serve fruits or custard with raisins and grapes.

Sanaa has more than 50 mosques, five of the fifty has domes and others with minarets. The most important mosque is the Great Mosque which was built during the life of Prophet Mohammad and ordered by him in the 8th year of Hejra. which are not less beautiful or wonderful with respect to the style of minarets, domes and artistic embellishments.

Sanaa is considered one of the Islamic historical towns in Yemen because it has the Old City of Sanaa which is a wonderful place of old architecture. The old city of Sanaa is one of the nicest cities in the Middle East and the Islamic countries. After the city got developed, they built a fence all over the city. The city had a for in it on a high area. Under this area are the markets and the great mosque of prophet Mohammad. The planning of the city is quarter-based. However, building are built to be next to each other in a close distance. Each quarter of the city has a mosque and a garden that provides its people...
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