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1. Introduction/Background of the study

1.1 Description of the situation in and the process by which the problem arose and developed 1.2 Objectives of the study
Established in 1890 as a single-product brewery, San Miguel Corporation (San Miguel) is the Philippines’ largest beverage, food and packaging company. Today, the company has over 100 facilities in the Philippines, Southeast Asia, and China.

One of the country’s premier business conglomerates, San Miguel’s extensive product portfolio includes over 400 products ranging from beer, hard liquor, juices, basic and processed meats, poultry, dairy products, condiments, coffee, flour, animal feeds and various packaging products.

For generations, the Company has generated strong consumer loyalty through brands that are among the most formidable in the Philippine food and beverage industry – San Miguel Pale Pilsen, Ginebra, Monterey, Magnolia, and Purefoods. Flagship product, San Miguel Beer, holds an over 95% share of the Philippine beer market.

In addition to its leadership in the Philippine food and beverage industry, San Miguel has established a significant presence overseas. The Company’s operations extend beyond its home base of the Philippines to China (including Hong Kong), Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia.

Through strategic partnerships it has forged with major international companies, San Miguel has gained access to managerial expertise, international practices and advanced technology, thereby enhancing its performance and establishing itself as a world-class company.

2. The Company Profile
San Miguel Corporation is definitely one of the biggest and most established multi-national companies in the Philippines. Throughout the years, the company continues to diversify its products and services ranging from foods, beverages, packaging business and even telecommunication services. The company also reached the boarders of Asia-Pacific region by exporting to different countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and Australia.

The core purpose of San Miguel Corporation and their aspiration of continuous innovation and excellence are driven by their mission, which is making everyday life a celebration. This goal is manifested by constantly holding on to the values and foundations of the company. The values of the company are comprised of Passion for Success, Teamwork, Respect for the people, Customer focus, Innovativeness, Integrity and Social Responsibility. Given this, San Miguel Corporation is striving and aiming to give its consumers premium satisfaction through their products and best value for their money.

2.1 Vision/Mission
Making everyday life a celebration. San Miguel will be among the largest food, beverage and packaging companies in the Asia-Pacific. We will carry into new markets our over a century-old tradition of quality and integrity. Consumers will take pleasure in reaching for our products and services because they are the best value for money. Our food and beverage brands will be in every household and every retail outlet. We will meet our consumers’ everyday needs, delighting their every taste. Through our products and services, every occasion to drink and eat will bring enjoyment.

2.2 Goals
San Miguel’s goal is to help people enjoy and make progress in their lives through the many products and services that our company offers. We want to give every customer and consumer we touch access to the best we can offer—whether in terms of quality, or affordability or choice.

Our strategy for achieving these goals has five major elements which are common to both our traditional and new businesses:

Enhance value of our established businesses.
We aim to enhance the value of our established businesses, ever striving to achieve even greater efficiencies and operational excellence. We will strengthen our brands by improving product visibility and...
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