San Francisco

Topics: San Francisco, California, Pacific Ocean Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: April 25, 2013
San Francisco
The City of My Dreams

When I was a child my dream was to move to San Francisco. I made my dream come true when I was 24 years old. I moved to the city by the bay with friends and found a house in the corridor district. Although I no longer live there I still long to be there and hope to eventually move back. Living there is amazing. It gave me a higher ambition to achieve my goals and become successful. I would spend my free time exploring new places and visit my favorites. During the week when it was time to go to work I would walk and enjoy the amazing views.

Almost every Saturday my friends and I would get dressed in some fun urban clothes and take our boombox and head to Delores Park. Walking through the mission district you could smell the Mexican food cooking on every corner. With our music blaring, we danced our way down the streets until we got to our world of fun, or as we call it the park for adults! We would lay our blanket down and bask in the sunlight and soak in the warm sun. On the weekends the park was packed full of diversity, adults acting like children, playing games, tightrope walking, dancing to the different music, and even people playing instruments. My favorite thing about the park was the view, laying on the side of a hill near the peak of the city surrounded by palm trees you could see the cityscape, the bay opening up into the ocean and the bay bridge.

For a exciting night on the town, I would go out with friends to different nightclubs and go dancing, but for a fantastic low-key evening we would go out to North Beach and check out the bonfires. Almost every night there would be fires blazing, and not just little bonfires, huge ones, every 75 feet for a mile or two down the sandy beach. Driving down the street to the beach is a beautiful site, the stars shining down and the fires flames going into the night sky. Once down on the beach we would find a group of people and join them at the fire and huddle up...
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