San Fermin

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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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San Fermin: The Spanish Bull Running Festival
The Spanish San Fermin festival is a celebration for seven days running in front group of bulls. It is a festival held in honor of bulls’ patrons to hurrying movement of the herd. People come to Spain from all over the world in 6th to 14th of July to celebrate and get excitement and participant for seven days of adventure. In 14th century in Santo Domingo (place of the San Fermin festival) there was two patrons of Navarre (a Martyr in the Catholic Church) they tried to accelerate the transmission of bulls from the herd to bull ring place used their own tactics. In addition after years of this practice increased the excitement to all other Spain cities and other countries, San Fermin in Pomplona became the most joyful festival especially for adults who get prepare for danger. In the first day of San Fermin people start welcome the event by gathering around the town dancing and singing in the streets, moreover they are throwing eggs and flour to each other for fun. Celebrants start wear white clothes with red scarves in their neck and waist during seven days also anyone can buy festival needs in small shops around the town and they are not expensive too. People cooperate to set wooden or iron barricades to direct bulls also block sides of streets, however the gap between this barricades are very wide to let competitors slip through but narrow to block the bulls. The second day it is the start of the adventure, people get up very early in the morning to take their positions in streets and balconies, in addition everybody start singing together in the name of San Fermin to protect them from the bulls. The first fire rocket to let runners be ready, the second rocket bulls start to run along in the runway and people start running with them and get injure or sometimes they get died, the third rocket bulls continue running for 82 m for two to four minutes with speed 24 km/h, and last rocket it is announcement...
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