San Diego Chargers

Topics: Ethics, San Diego Chargers, National Football League Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: October 26, 2011
San Diego Chargers
As the continuing problem of NFL players getting in trouble with the law, whether its public intoxication, drunken driving, public urination, assault and battery, resisting arrest, and drug possession, rises there are a few problems that should be addressed. These are the economic, legal, and ethical issues. Each of these are uniquely important for the fines that players receive cost not only the player but also the team, the legal charges give a bad reputation not only to the player but to the league as well. NFL players should set a good example and be role models for up and coming athletes, high school football players, college player, fans in general, and even little kids.

Even though there are a lot of issues that should be looked at, the ethical ones should be reviewed more carefully. Not only is it necessary to look at a specific player’s ethical behavior, but also at a team’s; since this is a persisting problem the guidelines and code of conduct should be looked over and fixed. In order to fix this problem, it needs to be addressed at the core by doing so these problems will decrease. The code of conduct in a work place, in this case the league, is the set of rules that each team member has to follow. By implementing stricter rules and restrictions in the code, it will be harder for anyone to make a mistake because they know that they will be punished severely in doing so.

It is important to reform the current code of conduct and ethics book that implements new rules such as participating in an eight-hour class on “conduct management”, running background checks on players’ friends and associates, working with local police, protecting players from scam artists, but there should also be a limit on how the players are looked at. Yes, it is an existing problem, and yes it is harmful to the league but work ethics shouldn’t interfere with a player’s freedom. For example, harsher rules such as placing guards in hotel hallways to...
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