Samuel Furman

Topics: Love, Aerosmith, Protagonist Pages: 3 (989 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Sam Furman
Mrs. Hughes
English, Period 1
20 October 2013
In the Path of Falling objects Vs. Ghost Medicine
These two books are both written by the same author only a year apart from each other. From the two books I read these books were very good but I have to say one of them tops the other one from the way the author tells the story, and how he uses slang to make it seem like it is an actual person instead of just a character in a fictional book. Andrew Smith can write two completely different stories but there are some major similarities and differences in the way he writes them and with his style. The author Andrew Smith has used figurative language in all of his novels but one type of figurative language stands out the most, and that would be slang. Starting with Ghost Medicine Smith uses slang to make characters like Troy and Tommy seem real. I say this because Smith wrote for Chase to say “I'm gonna kill you one day Tommy Buller” (Smith 54). Then continuing with In the Path of Falling Objects, Smith used slang to create the same effect of the characters seeming real. One example of that is how he always wrote it that Mitch would say “Piss kid” (Smith 111). It seems as though he had the same use of word choice in both stories. The way that Smith writes it seems as the main characters are based on the same thing but with different names and a different conflict based on what the story is based. Again starting with Ghost Medicine the main character Troy is in love with someone he knows he cannot have, which in fact is the least of his worries this summer. Troy is in constant danger from threats from Chase, a gigantic wild fire he is almost caught in and a lazy county sheriff not believing him when he accuses Chase of what he has done. Then moving into In the Path of Falling Objects Jonah is in almost the same predicament, he too is in love with a girl he cannot have which is also the least of his troubles. He is riding with a psychotic Mitch who thinks...
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