Samuel Colt

Topics: American Civil War, Manufacturing, Samuel Colt Pages: 3 (998 words) Published: October 5, 2012
The Legend of Samuel Colt

Who was Samuel Colt? He was a legendary inventor from Hartford, Connecticut that helped revolutionize the way the world produced firearms. Colt was born to a family of farmers, his father Christopher Colt was a farmer, however he later stopped farming and became a business man. Meanwhile Colt’s mother Sarah Colt passed when he was just six years old. His father remarried two years later and overall there would be six siblings in the Colt family. Despite being part of a big family Samuel Colt was destined to become successful and stand out above his other siblings.

Colt began to engineer when he was very young. This was because his father had a silk mill factory in Massachusetts. His father Christopher trained the young Samuel in chemistry; he encouraged him to become a business man and to have his own company one day. By giving personal training sessions to his son in engineering and allowing him to work at his company he secured a bright future for Samuel Colt in the manufacturing industry. One of Colt’s first factories was the Patent Arms Company in Paterson, New Jersey. That’s where Colt produced his first revolvers; however it was not a successful company and soon the business failed. The primary reason why the business failed was due to some malfunctions in the machinery. “There were several parts in the revolver that tend to break when shooting” (Wilson, 1985). Regardless of the misfortunes of his first company Samuel Colt was not going to give up on his revolver invention. Instead he started a new factory in Hartford, Connecticut called Colt’s Patent-Firearms Manufacturing Company. The company was founded with the help of his cousin Elisha Colt who was a banker; she gave Colt a loan for him to be able to open his new factory. Despite the failures of his previous factories this one was going to be successful and would revolutionize the way of manufacturing firearms. Colt’s new revolvers were smaller than his previous ones and...
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