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Topics: Samsung Group, Samsung Heavy Industries, Management Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: March 3, 2013
1994-1996 Becoming a Global Force
New Management is more than a mere re-engineering of SAMSUNG but rather an entire revolution dedicated to making world-class products, providing total customer satisfaction, and being a good corporate citizen. In retrospect, New Management was a decisive turning point for SAMSUNG, the moment when the entire company was repositioned on the basis of "Quality first." During this period, 17 different products - from semiconductors to computer monitors, TFT-LCD screens to color picture tubes - leaped into the ranks of the top five products for global market share in their respective areas. 12 others achieved top market ranking in their areas. In some areas, such as LCDs, SAMSUNG has simply been number one from the start. Ever since entering the LCD business in 1993, SAMSUNG has been the undisputed world leader. Another example is SAMSUNG Heavy Industries' drill ships that captured 60% of the world market ever since their introduction. There is no doubt that part of SAMSUNG's success in these areas is due to its rigorous enforcement of quality control at all its plants across the world. Thanks to the "Line Stop" system, any employee can shut down the assembly line when inferior products are discovered. Production is simply halted until the problem is solved. SAMSUNG also adheres to the "Six Sigma" concept of total quality management. Of course, New Management is not only about quality products but quality people. Wherever SAMSUNG does business around the world, its Human Resources Development Center conducts customer service training sessions for personnel who come directly in contact with customers. Even Shilla Hotels and Resorts, SAMSUNG's world-class hotel in the center of Seoul, participates by offering lessons on etiquette and customer service to SAMSUNG employees as far flung as SAMSUNG Life Insurance, SAMSUNG Securities, and SAMSUNG Card. SAMSUNG has also streamlined its internal infrastructure to be more consumer-friendly,...
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