Samsung Marketing Plan

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5.0 Market segmentation & positioning
6.1 Target market strategy (segmentation)
The target market for Samsun Galaxy Grand I9802 in China will be separated into 3 age groups: 22-35 and 36-45. The reason for this division is based on the segmentation theory and criteria:

Based on the spending power, user status, age, education status and interest in mobile fashion design, age group 22-35 would be more likely target on the white collar who are having strong spending power, interested in new stuff and fashion and mostly they are tend to be loyal customers once they are satisfied with the products; while for age group 36-45, who are those middle aged smartphone users who are looking for an convenient function that could suit both for work life and personal contact while represent the high-end quality to make them look good, needed especially in Chinese businessmen/businesswomen or delegates. | Segment 1 | Segment 2|

Name of segment| 22-35 white collar| 36-45 smartphone users| Demographic | * young age * high education * high income * high-level occupation | * Middle age * Both gender (male preferred) * High total monthly telecom spend * Stable safe| Geographic| Urban China,Main cities| Urban China,Main cities| Behavioural Usage|

| * Fashion seeker * Differentiation from other * Heavy users for both work and personal life * Loyal customers potentiality| * Duos function * Medium/heavy users for both work and personal life * Ex-users or regular users| Psychographic | * Lifestyle (fashion lovers, professional) * A smart design looking for smart people * Efficiency lover| * Something new, something elegant and something duos. * Mature users|

6.2 Positioning
Samsung Galaxy Grand I9802 is a high-end smartphone product promoted by Samsung Electronics to urban China market for Generation Y who is looking for a high-end mobile phone with larger screen than Galaxy S2 but much cheaper price than Note2. Similarly to Galaxy3 Mini, the Galaxy Grand share the same market with Mini.

Different from other brand such as Apple and Nokia, Samsung cares to the need of young Chinese who represent the future purchasing value for China and takes up the majority of smartphone market share. To suit for the need of target market, Samsung differentiate itself from the competitors by implementing the strategy in enhancement of stylish design and close relation to visual outcome and personalization, other than the strategy taken by Apple in innovation and high technology focusing or the Nokia low price tactic.

6.3 Messaging & branding
Samsung Galaxy Grand I9802 is a neat phone for both your work and life anywhere, anyhow. Samsung introduced 20 models of mobile phones, of which the appearance, the function and the quality are designed with advanced concepts, innovative technologies and world-class standard. Samsung Mobile is focused on delivering the option of choice to its consumers. The phone's configuration, its features and functionality are flexible to suit each user. The Omnia Pro, Corby Pro and the Samsung Chat are the result of research and development at Samsung Mobile and offer seamless connectivity with access to Google, YouTube and popular social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Friendster and many more. Market segments| Messaging|

White collar(22-35)| Impress your co-workers with a fashion design and dedicate in professionalism.| Middle-aged smartphone users(36-45)| Be duos, be concentrated, and be successful.|

6.0 Marketing Mix
7.4 Product
The concept of Samsung mobile is "fashion-leading technology". According to the factors that influence Chinese consumers’ purchasing decision is quality and exterior design (Nielson, 2010), Samsung seems to have a strong competitive in both areas with its focus on design and second place...
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