Samsung Marketing Plan

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Samsung marketing plan
Samsung recently launched the latest iteration of its flagship mobile in India, Samsung Galaxy S-4. For the first time Samsung included India in its global launch (for a major product) even before the United States. I remember a time when companies used to launch their flagship product (in India) almost a year after their global launch. Samsung has also stated that it will soon start manufacturing this phone in India. This goes on to show how important Indian market has become for these tech giants. Now let's see what this smartphone has to offer.

Hardware:First of all it is not a phone. The 5 inch screen puts this mobile in the phablet (phone + tablet) category but to avoid confusion I will mention it as phone in rest of the article. Its screen is .2 inch larger than its predecessor S-3. This phone will have two editions one with 4G capability for markets like USA and other will be a 3G only version for a country like ours. Both the phones will also have different processors- 4G model is a quad core mobile and 3G one is an Octa core device. But donnot get the impression that 8 cores will make your mobile a supercomputer because the phone is designed to use only 4 cores at a time. Out of the 8 cores 4 cores are power cores but are energy hungry whereas other 4 are energy efficient cores but lack the performance. This has been done to maximize the battery life of the mobile without sacrificing the performance.

This phone has an incredible resolution of 1080x1920 pixels. This resolution is same as that of a High Definition television and when you cramp such a high resolution in a 5" screen you get phenomenal pixel density. This phone has a pixel density of 441 pixels per inch (ppi). This is almost a 100 ppi greater than iPhone (326 ppi). The result is that you get extremely crisp text and razor sharp images. It also has a 13 megapixel back camera which takes breathtaking images, 2GB RAM for multitasking, and an...
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