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Samsung Marketing

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  • November 2012
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Samsung markets multiple products varying from televisions, audio-visual products, cameras, computers, tablets and home appliances, targets at people who enjoy the benefits of technology and vast amount products mainly comprising of teenagers and adults. They may use it for business purposes or for personal usage.

Currently the heated competition is between Apple IOS and Android IOS. For an instance, Apple’s objective is to lock their consumers into the apple ecosystem thus securing their customer base. On the other hand, Android is dominating the consumer markets due to its versatility. It is more beneficial to purchase a mobile phone with Android operating system that is flexible than an I-phone integrated with IOS where you will have to purchase an application to run. In this case, Samsung’s mobile phones run on Android platform and to top it off, due to their high tech mobile phone that has much to offer in terms of features, Samsung has more to gain. Their prices are affordable compared with the other products in the market thus fetching more sales to Samsung.

The general environment in which a firm exists is demographic, economic, global, political/legal, technological and socio-cultural. As for Samsung Electronics, a critical way that Samsung responds to the highly uncertain business environment and the increasingly competitive marketplace is through their commitment to R&D. Research and development network spans six Samsung centres in Korea and 18 more in nine other countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Israel, India, Japan and China. Closely linked, these centres hire expertise, investigating the latest local technology trends, and bringing to life those technologies that offer the greatest benefits.

In terms of business environment, Samsung Electronics already clinched a remarkable reputation that they may only need to constantly achieve their goals. Most countries abide by the civil law system that relies on a...

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