Samsung History in India

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History Of Samsung Televisions

Samsung TV’s rise to the top in world’s largest TV market – North America, began in the year 2000, when Samsung transformed its operational methodology. At that time, the need to enhance its position was felt, because Samsung was ranked 12th in a study for evaluating the numerous TV-makers in the USA. This study was conducted by a local market research company. As Samsung became increasingly consumer-focused and proactive, its innovations began to gain popularity at the CES – the world’s largest consumer electronics tradeshow held in the US. The real turning point came in 2005, when Samsung decided to foster new growth in its TV business to become recognized worldwide for quality and value. The Television market has transformed during the past decade from analog to digital TVs and from brown tube (CRT) TVs to flat panel (LCD and PDP) TVs. Samsung Electronics believed that this was an opportunity to change the market landscape during such a big transition period. For capitalizing on this opportunity, the best resources were reallocated swiftly to the Visual Display unit to focus strategically in important markets. Strategies

Samsung moved 300 engineers away from its successful semiconductor business unit, and into the TV business. This was the best performing engineering team in the company. These newly deployed engineers in the TV division were given very healthy performance bonuses every year. This made the TV unit highly productive and competitive. The newly structured TV business unit set up the technological basis for creating TVs that were differentiated from those of its competitors. Consistent research and innovations have led Samsung into becoming the first company to launch the 3D TV following its Bordeaux TV and LED TV range. Back then, the competitors were buying standardized semiconductors for TVs from outside manufacturers. Thus, their ability to differentiate their TVs was very limited....
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