Samsung Galaxy S3

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  • Published : May 26, 2013
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Samsung Galaxy S3


May 29, 2013

Ariana, Javier, Zitlaly Segura

Industry and Company Overview

Company History

Samsung was founded in 1983 by Yung Chull Lee in Korea. When Samsung was first founded it primarily focused on trade export, selling dried Korean fish vegetables, and fruit to Manchuria and Beijing. In 1970 Samsung began to expand the business by investing in chemical and petrochemical industries, and also began to advance in the home electronic business. By the 1980’s Samsung aerospace industries where launched and also became one of the worlds top leading electronic companies.

Samsung had became very known for their quality home appliances including television sets, but in 1983 they expanded to a new category which was Samsung mobile. Samsung mobile has been very successful and has recently managed to surpass Sony Ericsson and Motorola technology by creating a new and eye catching new phone, the Galaxy S3. Competitive Advantage

The biggest competitor to Samsung’s new phone the Galaxy S3 is Apples Iphone. Apples Iphone and the Galaxy S3 primarily target the same group of demographics and psychographics; but a big advantage that the Galaxy S3 has is the fact that the Galaxy is more available worldwide. The Galaxy is available in 155 countries and on 327 carriers which is 36 percent more carries then the Iphone and 55 percent more countries. Analysis of Mission Statement

Samsung’s mission statement states “To experience the joy of advancing and applying technology to the benefits of the public”. Although Samsung started as a very diverse business by selling fish and fruits its current mission statement tells us that their main goal for today is to provide the public with new quality technology that we could enjoy and also take advantage of to help us in our daily life. One of Samsung’s slogans is “It takes a lot of things to be the next big thing which goes along with their mission statement and the idea of having good...
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