Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Advantages

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Samsung Galaxy note II
Galaxy note II, a device that portrays the pure essence of technology. The galaxy note II excels in productivity and personalization. As a result of Samsung’s ingenuity, this phone mirrors cutting-edge technology, bound to evolve. With a large, high-definition screen, blazing-fast quad-core processor, an intuitive and precise S Pen, long-life battery and more, the galaxy note II is unique and unsurpassed. The Galaxy note II has an unheard-of 5.5-inch screen, much larger than any mainstream phone on the market. But do not worry, though large, its resolution is super AMOLED HD. To accompany this great new screen, a series of popular applications have been either adapted or developed to take advantage of the additional size. To accompany the massive screen, the Galaxy note II comes with a stylus, named the S Pen. With the S Pen you can quickly take notes in your own handwriting, navigate with the precision of a mouse, and edit documents in a flash. Interesting enough, the phone itself is able to recognize things such as shapes, words, even equations, by writing with the S pen. Samsung also created apps affiliated with the pen, to optimize its versatility. Aside from the Note II’s screen, the battery is what firmly powers this behemoth. This removable battery allows for a full day’s multitasking, talking, and surfing on the web on a single charge. Though the Note II is thinner and slimmer than the previous model, it is faster and more efficient. The device, at its maximum, can store up to 64 GB of information, but there is another pro. There is a micro SD slot, which allows even more memory storage, supporting the original 64 GB. Overall, it seems that the Galaxy Note II’s storage is infinite. Besides the battery power, there is also a giant amount of storage. With 16 GB of internal memory plus an SD card slot to expand to 64 GB more, you won’t have to delete a thing . Overall, this device is truly superior. It allows the user to show their...