Samsung External Environment

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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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After I played the simulation, I learned how to organized people in an organization. Before that, I only know the theoretical knowledge that learned from lectures. When I was playing the simulation, I used the knowledge into my decision. At the end of the game, I had 19 adopters of the proposed sustainability initiative within the management team at Spectrum. From that, I enhance the knowledge with practice. In the simulation, I was a direct of product innovation department. And at that time, my task is to persuade my colleagues to adopt the new “Green Stamp” innovative product using different levers. The paper includes four parts; describe each of levers I used and analyze the sequence why I chose, assess how effective I was as a change agent, what I learned about managing organizational change, and what is the improvement in the future. At the very beginning, I did not know how to play that very well, after I saw the detail information of each lever, I was still a little confused. So I chose “ recognize an adopter” randomly. And then it showed I failed. I was very disappointed, and I read introduction very carefully and saw the video again. I realized there should be four stages; awareness stage, interest stage, trial stage and adoption stage. If everyone is in adoption stage, that means I successes. So I arranged my levers logically again by reading the information of each levers. First, “Hold town hall meetings” lever brought 6 people who are Y. Li, D. Manatt, L. Orysh, S. Puffer, and I. Numor into the awareness stage. After “walk the talk” lever, which can increase the change agent’s credibility as well as positively influence coworkers, Y. li, I. Numov, S. Puffer entered the interest stage. And then I hold town hall meetings again, D. Mcnatt and L. Orysh entered the interest stage. I need people to adopt the initiative, so I conduct private interviews, which can positively influence four individuals in a relatively short period of time to...
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