Samsung Electronics Sustainability Report 2012: Green Management Activities and Performance

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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2 / Samsung Electronics Sustainability Report 2012 /

Green Management Activities and Performance
The scope of global data in this section is all operation sites include Korea as well as overseas. 02 08 16 24 35 Green Management Framework Climate Change Response Eco-Products Green Operation Sites Green Communication

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Green Management Framework
Green Management Strategy
Establishing a Green Management Strategy Samsung Electronics is implementing green management practices for sustainable development by actively analyzing the impact we make on the environment and assessing management risks associated with those impacts. We considered a wide range of our economic, social and environmental impacts and formulated a systematic green management strategy to adapt to changes in the market environment. We conducted materiality tests to assess key risks identified while developing our green management strategy and prioritized them for more effective management. Details on our green management strategy formulation process and priority risk management activities follow. Strategy Development Process

Identification of key environmental issues

Risk analysis

Internal capacity analysis

Strategy development

Economy/society/technology Identification of priority on environmental issues Stakeholder consultation

Physical risk Regulatory risk Indirect risk Social/cultural risk

Internal capacity analysis Identification of external best practices and gap analysis

Formulation of short/mid/longterm strategy; Identification of key tasks and key performance indicators

Key Risks and Management Activities
Physical risks

Key Issues
Rise in price of raw materials and oil

Management Activities
Installation of high energy efficiency facilities Development of energy use reduction policies

Intensified water shortage

Implementation of water resource management strategies and water-related risk management structure

Regulatory risks

Implementation of national energy/greenhouse gas reduction policies Strengthened product-related regulations

Operation site GHG reduction activities Energy efficient product development and sales Regular monitoring and compliance activities of energy/hazardous materials/recyclingrelated regulations

Indirect risks

Change in market and industry Increased competition for eco-technologies

Development of Eco-Products and strengthening of green marketing Development and utilization of eco-friendly materials Release of innovative Eco-Products

Social/cultural risks

Changes in consumer preference

Expansion of consumer green marketing Environmental communication with local community residents

Increased stakeholder demands

Increased stakeholder communication and response to demands Responsive information disclosure

2 / Samsung Electronics Sustainability Report 2012 /

Green Management Vision and Mid-term Goals
Vision and Slogan Our green management strategy enables us to grow sustainably and invest in the future of both humanity and nature. Samsung Electronics established its green management vision based on our underlying philosophy of helping to build a prosperous society and preserving the environment through business activities that give due respect to people and nature. Our green management activities are reinforced under our slogan of ‘PlanetFirst.’ Green Management: Basic Philosophy, Vision, Slogan

Basic Philosophy

Contribute to building a prosperous society and preserving the environment through business activities that give due respect to people and nature based on the concept of reverence for life


Creating new value through eco-innovation


‘PlanetFirst’ represents Samsung Electronics’ commitment to sustainable development and social responsibility through eco-driven business and management activities.

Green Management Policies

Samsung Electronics is...
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