Samsung Case Study

Topics: South Korea, Korean language, Culture Pages: 19 (6166 words) Published: June 25, 2012
Maintaining the “Single Samsung” Spirit: New Challenges in a Changing Environment

Caryn Ng Kar Yan

Keah Mei Sian

Nur Fathiha Bte Johan Ariffin

Mohd Roshan bin Mohd Yusop

Sarkunarajah S

Wan Arjunaidi Bin Awang @ Wan Abdul Halim

Samsung portrayed a very interesting and impressive success story in every aspect of development. Although they were hit hard by financial crisis in 2009, Samsung survived the ordeal with their impressive financial performance. The astonishing part of their achievement is mostly guided by internal management capability, positive aligned culture and belief system that empowering human capital is the foundation in building and maintaining a great organization. Their strong belief system in emphasizing and investing on employees well being pays off when they become the leading company beating some of the top companies such as Sony, Apple and HTC. The process and development of human capital was never an easy matter for Samsung, in fact the culture has been practiced and improvised regularly ever since 1950 to fit to the demand and maturity of the current society and technology. Nevertheless at the end, Samsung indeed make a marked in the world with sustaining a Single Samsung culture. 1. Perform a PEST on Samsung and identify the change drivers

* Work hand in hand with the government; consist the same agendas and values.Change driver- Globalization Promotion Committee consisted of a set of committees on policy planning, administrative reform, educational reform, science and technology influences Samsung as well.| * Main contributor of economy status in south KoreaChange driver- top down reform of the Korean economy to meet the rapidly changing conditions of the world economy.| SOCIAL| TECHNOLOGICAL|

* Value human capital and their culture.Change driver- provides equality in different generations, gender, levels and departments.| * Making technology as an important aspect in company’s developmentChange driver- quick to adapt to new technology|

2. Perform a capability by assessment for Samsung via the IFE, EFE

No| Strengths| Weight| Rating| Weighted
1| Samsung is considered to be a key ingredient to South Korea's impressive economic recovery. Provides the motivation to innovate and excel.| 0.15| 3| 0.45| 2| Operates in one of the world's most technologically and digitally connected world. Ability to test technology in its home ground| 0.05| 2| 0.1| 3| Samsung is open to new ideas, and focused on becoming a creative culture | 0.05| 4| 0.2| 4| Employees with strong problem solving skills | 0.1| 4| 0.4| 5| Strong investment in employees, thru effective human resource development| 0.15| 3| 0.45|

No| Weaknesses| Weight| Rating| Weighted
1| Digital natives (younger generation) do what they want to do, and not what the company wants them to do| 0.1| 3| 0.3| 2| Samsung replaced group based reward, with reward system based on individual performance. Not aligned with South Korean culture of being collectivist| 0.1| 3| 0.3| 3| Samsung is being seen as conservative by some younger employees| 0.15| 1| 0.15| 4| Different values system among old and young. Difficulty in socializing its new group of employees | 0.1| 3| 0.3| 5| Integrating foreign employees into the workforce| 0.05| 3| 0.15| | | 1|  |  |


The weighted score is above average, and shows were contributed by Samsung’s strong focus on developing its workforce thru multiple initiative. Though challenges will be there in integrating new employees and employees from diverse culture, Samsung is taking the right initiatives to address these gaps. In summary, Samsung is well positioned to address its internal weakness, and continue to be a strong...
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