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The new Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center headquartered on Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park and with offices in Korea and Israel is led by Young Sohn, President and Chief Strategy Officer of Device Solutions, Samsung Electronics. "We see tremendous opportunities and transformations over the next five years driven by Big Data centered around mobility, cloud, and the Internet of Things, and Samsung will be a significant part of this revolution," said Sohn. "This is an exciting opportunity for us to engage with entrepreneurs and innovators and empower them to leverage Samsung's technology and global brand presence to bring our collective visions to market." The Samsung Strategy and Innovation Centre (SSIC), USD 100 million Samsung Catalyst Fund, and USD 1 billion Samsung Venture America Fund will complement the research done in Samsung R&D centres. In turn, they will promote new products and ideas in crucial areas for the future of mobile devices such as cloud infrastructure, mobile health, wearable devices, mobile privacy and the Internet of Things. The strategy also aims to create a strong ecosystem of players around Samsung through strategic investments and alliances. The Samsung innovation radar will also extend beyond technology, encouraging artists and the creative industry to participate in Samsungs research journey. The first opportunity for this broad involvement will be the Samsung Create Challenge, which SSIC will launch later this year. 1. Samsung Strategy for Smartphone in India

- Smartphone for Everyone
- Provide an Open Operating System (OS)
- Marketing Strategy

Samsung Has A Totally Different Strategy From Apple, And It's Working Great: Samsung is better than anybody else at learning from its competitors. "A market reader is sort of the classic fast follower," "It doesn't mean they ignore their customers, but they're very attuned to what competitors are doing and what other people are bringing to market first and observing what seems to be...
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