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Name : Lee Kun-hee
Born :Born 9 Januari 1942
Occupation : Chairman of Samsung Electronics
Value of : $10.8 billion worth
Lee has a degree in economics from Waseda University in Tokyo and an MBA from George Washington University in the US. Lee Kun-hee joined the Samsung Group in 1968 and took over the chairmanship on December 1, 1987, just two weeks after the death of his father and Samsung's founder Lee Byung-chull In the early 1990s, The factor which lead he to the creation the business is believing that Samsung Group was overly focused on producing massive quantities of low-quality goods and that it was not prepared to compete in quality, Lee famously said in 1993 "Change everything except your wife and kids" and true to his word attempted to reform the profoundly Korean culture that had pervaded Samsung until this point. Foreign employees were brought in and local employees were shipped out as Lee tried to foster a more international attitude to doing business. He had resigned on on 21 April 2008 but had return to Samsung Group as its chairman on 24 March 2010.

The name of company is Samsung Electronics. The business that Lee Kun-Hee run is providing mobile technology business which named Samsung in telecommunications industry.

Fernandes' biggest achievement has been to turn the AirAsia airline into an international carrier. Before the creation of AirAsia, countries in the region did not have open-skies agreements. In mid-2003, Fernandes' lobbying pushed Dr Mahathir to raise the idea with the leaders of neighbouring Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore. As a result, those nations have granted landing rights to AirAsia and other discount carriers. Fernandes opened up the budget carrier sector in the region. Now, Southeast Asia hosts a number of low-price carriers such as: * Malaysia's Firefly (owned by Malaysia...
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