Samsun vs. Apple

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Grace Havran
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Samsung v. Apple
As many remember, back in the early spring of 2012, Apple and Samsung went to a patent war with release of the Samsung’s Android mobile devices and tablets for their products looking too similar to Apple’s style, user interface, patents, and trademarks such as the rectangular boxes in which the apps appear on the main screen. And this began the many lawsuits that would spring up between the two competing electronic companies. In the end, Apple won their initial lawsuit against for patents infringement and was awarded one billion dollars. While most Samsung would be disgruntled about the loss, they also thought the feud has been solved, but recent developments show that the war has only begun.

As soon as the iPhone was released, Samsung went to work tearing it apart and now claims that it “infringes on two of its standard patents and six feature patents”. Papers were filed and submitted on October 1, 2012 to the U.S. District Court of Northern California for review. Samsung is appealing to the court’s decision on the basis of that the jury was too fast in their decision by only taking one day for the verdict. The court date for the hearing is set for some time in 2014 and will come before the same judge as the first case between Apple and Samsung. If Samsung wins this case they may recoup some of their losses in the previous lawsuit, but this leaves many wondering if this is the beginning of a never ending battle between Apple and Samsung, as well as other major electronic companies who just want to sell their products.

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