Samsui Women

Topics: Singapore, The Straits Times, Singapore Press Holdings Pages: 2 (605 words) Published: August 2, 2008
In this article, the author wrote about the history, job scope and provides description of a typical Samsui woman. In the history of Singapore, Samsui women played an important part in nation building and the construction building industry. They originated from the Sam Sui district in China. Life for them was hard, having to sacrifice the chances of having a marriage and endure poor working and living conditions. This information will aid us in our project since our objective is to let the teenagers in Singapore have a deeper understanding regarding Samsui women, their contributions and impacts on Singapore.

Basically, I agree with the claims made by the author as they are reasonable and clear. Most information is presented as facts and not just comments by him alone which may be bias to some extent. From the research I have done on this topic, I can safely conclude that the information is consistent with credible sources such as the National Library Board website, and to back it up. Information regarding Samsui women is found in all these sources and very similar. The National Library Board provides trusted and accessible information to the public and that is why it is prestigious and always a top choice for Singaporeans for sourcing information. The Straits Times, being the most widely read newspaper locally, is an authoritative provider of information news. Access to Archives Online Singapore (a2O) is launched by National Archives of Singapore (NAS), a trustworthy website offering heritage information from the 17th century to today.

Despite all these, the source still has its shortcomings. For example, it is too summarised and not exhaustive enough. If more information with elaboration is provided, that will be most helpful. Therefore, the reliability of the information provided may be questionable to a small extent. Nevertheless, omitting these shortcomings, this article is still fairly credible and useful to our...
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