Sampling in Marketing

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What is Sampling

Q: Explain sampling and its importance in daily life?

Ans: Sample is a collection of few units of a large population which is the total target market. Like for a tooth paste market potential research the population is the all households in the country and sample is few households from selected cities and villages. If the market potential is to assess of a metro city than the whole city will be population and the few selected households are the sample.

The each unit of the population is also regarded as elements of the population.

An ordinary person also uses the sampling method to take decisions and make inferences based on experience of a fraction of such items like developing attitudes about different classes, religions and races of people in everyday activities.

Q: What are the advantages of sampling?

Ans: Followings are the advantages of using sampling over census method for data collection.

1. Lower cost: The cost of collecting data from the whole of the units of the target market or population gets very costly whereas collecting the data from a few units would be comparatively much cheaper.

1. Saves time: the use of sampling technique to collect data is time saving in comparison to total enumeration or census method. 2. Usefulness of units: The small size of the sampling does not affect the average estimation of different features of the total population. 3. Few researchers: Usually the trained and competent researchers are not available in numbers. This problem can be easily avoided by using sampling method for data collection.

Q: What are the limitations of sampling?

Ans: The limitations of sampling method are:

1. Problem of determining sample units: Usually deciding the sample type, method and process is a difficult task. 2. Problem of determining sample size: The researchers find it difficult to determine that what proportion or percentage of population would be sufficient to...
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