Sample H.R Report

Topics: 1977, 1967, 1968 Pages: 3 (634 words) Published: March 8, 2013
The month of January had a lot of activity for human resources as there was hiring and a couple of resignations also. Memos were also passed out concerning different issues pertaining to human resources. HIRING

On the 1st of January three employees were hired thus
1. Mr. Josiah Mushonga - Assistant Operations Manager
2. Ms Maidei Siyawamwaya - Sales and Marketing Representative 3. Mr. Edwin Machanyangwa - Sales and Marketing Representative for Mbare RESIGNATIONS
1. 9 January - Mr. Simon Samukange ( Purchasing and Stores Officer) 2. 31 January- Miss Dorothy Kumundati ( Sales and Marketing Executive) 3. 31 January- Mr. Blessing Tsekwende(Sales and Marketing Representative) TRANSFERS

Mr. Blessing Tsekwende was transferred to work from Harare Street and heading telesales from the 2nd of January. INTERVIEWS
After Mr. Samukange resigned we interviewed Ms Tendayi Chabvemhiri for a Purchasing and Stores Officer position. She was not successful and we decided to hold the position and observe the need over time. MEMOS AND LETTERS HANDED OUT

1. 5 January-Handed out was a comprehensive memo addressing punctuality, dressing, internet use, telephone use, salaries, monthly award and introduction of a time log book. 2. 7 January- Handed out the lunch timetable memo informing the employees their different lunch hours. 3. 9 January- Handed out the monthly appraisal performance memo, this informed employees of the new system to be introduced monthly. 4. 14 January- Company equipment, this stressed on the company policy that prohibits the staff to take home company equipment without the permission and knowledge of the Assistant Operations Manager, 5. 18 January- The memo was to remind the staff that they should respect each other’s workspace and privacy, this meant no disruption of meetings and to log in the relevant books particularly the time sheets, phone sheets and quotation record. 6. 21 January-...
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