Sample Ubd for Science

Topics: Understanding, Sexual reproduction, Question Pages: 3 (541 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Stage 1 – Desired Results
Established Goal(s):
At the end of the unit the pupils will understand animal’s life.

Pupils will understand that…

animals have different ways in having their babies.
animals way of growing bigger is partly the same as how human grows. •animals, whatever classes they belong are important in human lives. •animals need to feel that they are loved.Essential Questions:

What is the value in studying animal lives?
Why do you think there are animals who lays eggs, or animals giving birth to baby animals? •Do cats really have 9 lives?
How do egg shells develop inside the body of the female birds? •What will human do if animals didn’t exist in this world? •Is it right to punished animals?
Pupils will know…

the animals that lay eggs, and give birth to baby animals. •the life cycle of animals
that there are also animals that are harmful to humans.
that animal behavior is unpredictable.Pupils will be able to…
Classify animals according to how they reproduce.
Explain the stages of animal development.
Differentiate what makes an animal to be useful/harmful
Share their own experience/s when it comes in dealing animals.

Stage 2 – Assessment Evidence
Performance Tasks :

Research at least 5 animal owners and see how they take good care of their pet, and how parent animals take good care of their babies. (Note: To be shared in the class)Other Evidence:

Oral response to essential questions
Checking Up p. 69
Check up Time (A only) pp. 72 – 73
Written output from observation written in science notebook •Share findings in front of the whole class
Paper and Pen

Stage 3 – Learning Plan

Day 1 (Monday)
The teacher shows a lot of animal pictures and let the pupils identify each. The teacher will ask the 1st Essential question.
The teacher will discuss the lesson for day: Sexual Reproduction in Animals. The teacher will explain the 1st...
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