Sample Study Questionnaire

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Appendix 10
A Sample Feasibility Study Questionnaire
Dear Parishioners:
The purpose of this feasibility survey is to determine how much money we can raise to build a new church facility. As we seek the bishop’s approval, the diocese requires a facility master plan, independent cost estimates, parish growth projections, and a professional fund-raising forecast. Based on this data, the diocese will work with us in setting a budget. Please return your response by mail or in person to the parish office, or place it in the collection basket at Mass. The deadline for returns is [date]. NOTE: This questionnaire is not a pledge commitment. [The questionnaires will be compiled by the fund-raisers. Please be honest and candid in your responses.]

1. How effective is our parish in meeting the spiritual needs of its members? (circle one) Low 1----------2----------3----------4----------5 High 2. How effective is our parish in meeting the social needs of its members? (circle one) Low 1----------2----------3----------4----------5 High 3. What is your confidence level in the parish staff and volunteer leaders to make the right decisions regarding the parish facilities’ master plan?

(circle one) Low 1----------2----------3----------4----------5 High 4. The steering committee has conducted parish town-hall meetings, surveys, and straw polls at Masses [specify what you have done]. Of those participating in them, 99 percent [use your percentages] indicated we should move forward on plans to build a new worship facility [add other projects from master plan]. To what degree do you agree that we must act now to have a new worship space [your other projects] available for use at this time? (circle one) Low 1----------2----------3----------4----------5 High 5. Are you willing to participate in a program this coming [spring, summer, fall, winter] to learn about church design prior to designing our new worship space?

(circle one) Low...
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