Sample Strategy Maps

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Sample Strategy Maps

Best Practice Strategy Maps

Software Company Strategy Map
Financial Perspective
Leader in Strategic Markets

Increased Shareholder Value

Diversify Revenue Streams

Predictable Profitability

“Customer Intimacy”

“eBusiness Solution Leadership” Flexible, Innovative Solutions One Stop Accountability Deliver Comprehensive Solutions

“Operational Excellence” Consistently Meets Expectations

Customer Perspective

Lifelong Advisor

Proactively Deliver Value

Easy to do business with

Internal Perspective

Build Lifelong Relationships

Capture and Leverage Knowledge Solutions

Grow InterEnterprise Solutions

Improve Resource Allocation


Leverage 3rd Party Relationships

Provide Integrated Business Processes

Effective Solution Processes

Effective Cost Management

Learning & Growth Perspective
Relationship Management Skills Solution Management Skills Operational Management Skills Successful Career Planning


Industry Expertise Knowledge Management


Leverage Solutions

Identify, Attract, & Retain Skilled Employees  2

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Healthcare Strategy Map
“Maximize the Quality of Life and Dignity of Older Adults” Increase Shareholder Value


Create Cash Flow

Grow Revenue


Manage Expenses





Pay For Service

“Customer Satisfaction Through...”
Business Process
“…Quality Service”
Excel at Quality Resident Healthcare

“Operational Efficiency”
Optimize Rate and Occupancy Management Leverage the Right Assets Aggressively Manage Residence Expenses Manage Media Exposure

“…Quality Relationships”
Develop Customer Trust Proactively Manage Litigations & Regulations

Excel at Other Resident Services

Manage ongoing communication with residents

Learning & Growth

“Employee Satisfaction”
Deliver People Proposition: “We Make a Difference” •Retention •Talent •Performance •Culture Provide Technology Support •Reliable •Functional

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Community Bank Group Strategy Map
“Our success comes from… Financial
F4: Maximize financial resources for maximum riskadjusted return

F2: Maximize traditional revenue sources

F3: Grow nontraditional revenue sources

F1: Achieve sustainable double-digit net income growth


…delivering great financial services,…
C1: “Understand me and give me the right information.” C2: “Give me convenient access to the right products.” C3: “Appreciate me, and get things done, easily, quickly, and right.” C4: “Be involved in my communities.”

Internal Process

…which is all about developing and managing enduring relationships Acquire New Relationships Grow High-Potential and Retain Relationships Increase Productivity and Quality I11: Consistently deliver the value proposition at the right cost

I4: Selling the right products at the right time I3: Communicate the value proposition and brand

I7: Provide premium service to delight and retain customers

I6: Demonstrate the value proposition I2: Effectively develop products and access

I10: Maximize efficiency and quality of business processes I8: “Focus on the critical fewer”

I1: Segment markets & target prospects for new opportunities

I5: Identify and recognize high-potential relationships

I9: Enhance internal and external partnerships

Learning & Growth

…and being a great place to work!”
L1: “We develop, recognize, and retain great people.” L2: “I’m developing the skills I need to succeed.” L3: “We understand the strategy and know what we need to do L4: “We have the information and tools we need to do our jobs.”

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Sample strategy maps

Public Sector

State Department of Transportation – Strategy Map
Stakeholder Perspective Customer Perspective
Safe, Convenient...
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