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Topics: Digital signal processing, Bachelor's degree, Field Pages: 1 (630 words) Published: November 25, 2014
Communications is an industry that has changed the definition of human interaction. A couple of centuries ago, sending a message from USA to India would take months. Now it takes hardly a second. The process of interacting with people over wires or through air thrills me and hence I decided to excel in the field of Communications by pursuing Master’s degree from xyz University.

I took up Electronics and Telecommunications as my major for an engineering Bachelor’s degree. I was fascinated with not just communications but other fields of Electronics such as VLSI and embedded systems and combined application of these fields result into flawless communication technologies which are existent today. The subjects like Digital Electronics, Signals and Systems, Digital Signal Processing and Microprocessor and Microcontroller applications helped me understand the basics of the communication technologies. These laid the foundation for my courses in Electronic Communication & Communication Systems at a later stage.

I am working at pqr Industries for the past 2 years. My job description includes maintaining and reviewing the frequency parameters of the data and voice signals. This short stint has given me invaluable practical experience in the field of communications. During the course of my work at pqr industries, I have come across several employees, scientists and engineers. Most of them work in different areas of communications and help keep the different communication systems up and running. Interacting with them has made me understand the huge potential of communications. There is an immense scope of growth and research in this field. This experience has given me the confidence to pursue a master’s degree and also kindled a desire to do research in the field of Communications.

During my undergraduate studies, I worked on abc project which helped (about your project) During the course of the project, I interacted with various...
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